Diversity and Inclusion At LPL

At LPL Financial, having a diverse and inclusive work environment is fundamental to who we are as a company and what we stand for.

Our goal is to foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels they can contribute their best work, allowing us to better serve our clients and each other.

- Michelle Oroschakoff, Managing Director, Chief Legal & Risk Officer

We are committed to attracting and retaining a culturally diverse workforce that reflects the diversity of our clients and our community. We believe this commitment enhances our company’s strong corporate culture, which is grounded in respect, innovation, and our commitment to excellence. Watch one of our employees speak about LPL's inclusive environment.

Diversity in Action at LPL

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) leverage the individual talents, perspectives, and experiences of our employees to position LPL for continued growth and success. Not only do our ERGs promote an inclusive workplace, but they support professional development, employee engagement, business development, and community engagement. LPL employees can join one of our Employee Resource Groups to connect with a network of people who share their values of supporting diversity; over 30% of LPL employees belong to at least one of our ERGs, including: 

  • AfricanAmericans@LPL
  • Asians@LPL
  • Hispanics@LPL
  • The Pride Alliance@LPL
  • Veterans@LPL
  • Women@LPL
  • WorkingParents@LPL
  • YoungProfessionals@LPL