Investment Transitions

The most important part of transitioning to a new firm is transferring your book of business. LPL Financial’s Investment Transitions Consulting team is dedicated to helping you transfer your clients’ assets. The team specializes in expediting the transition process and minimizing surprises while providing the support you need when you need it most.

I was on the phone… talking to people on the Transitions team, getting the pieces of data I needed to get things moving very quickly. That transition support was invaluable.

- Gerald Denney, Principal and Founder, Piedmont Wealth Management

Dedicated Assistance

The Investment Transitions Consulting team ensures your book of business is transferred properly by providing the following services:

  • Mapping existing assets to our platform before you begin to transition your business
  • For non-transferable assets and proprietary products, finding comparable products and fund managers to limit service disruption to your clients
  • Conducting a comprehensive practice analysis to target potential areas of growth
*Piedmont Wealth Management and LPL Financial are separate entities.