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5 Steps for Managing Change

October 06, 2017

LPL Financial

Even when you know it’s time for a change, working your way through it can be daunting, requiring perseverance and teamwork. If you’re transitioning to a new partner firm or considering doing so, your journey can be made easier with a coherent internal process and knowing what to look for in a partner.

Working with Junior Advisors

September 05, 2017

LPL Financial

One way to address the aging advisor conundrum is to mentor junior advisors. Tech and social media savvy, they can relate to younger clients, free up valuable time, contribute to a succession plan, and help to grow a practice. Try recruiting raw and enthusiastic talent that reflects your ethics and values helping guide the future of your practice.

Navigating the Transition

October 13, 2017

LPL Financial

If you’re considering transitioning to a new partner firm, you’ve got ideas about what you want to achieve. Choosing the right partner can help you not only achieve your goals, but to exceed them and recognize new opportunities for growth. So how do you figure out which one is the right fit for you?

When to Sell A Practice

May 04, 2018

LPL Financial

Advisors who are considering retiring or selling their practice must not only plan carefully in advance, they must also know when the time is right for maximizing value. Learn when it makes sense to hold on to your business, and when to strike when the iron is hot.

What Drives Practice Value

June 21, 2018

LPL Financial

Whether you’re looking to grow organically or through acquisition, it’s critical to understand what drives your value. Learn what activities drive long-term practice value, when it makes sense to outsource non-core functions, and how to access the broad resources and specialized support you need to pursue your growth goals.

Build Trust in Volatility

May 18, 2018

LPL Financial

Times of market volatility can raise sensitivity for advisors and clients alike. Advisors who use empathy to navigate these waters carefully can decrease client sensitivity, provide reassurance, and build long-term trust.

Explaining Your Value

September 11, 2017

LPL Financial

With the transition from transaction to fee-based services, advisors must justify service value and differentiate themselves from others. This is why a clear value proposition is so important. It should highlight your uniqueness, the clients you service, and the tangible benefits provided in purposeful language that elicits a feeling.

What Investors Value in Advice

September 18, 2017

LPL Financial

The value you provide to clients can’t be measured only by the bottom line on your clients’ investments. Your holistic approach to their financial well-being includes financial education, an accessible sounding board, and someone to monitor market and life changes to ensure they’re on the path to their goals.

Meeting Client Milestones

May 15, 2017

LPL Financial

When it comes to considering their financial future, your clients could use a roadmap to help them along the way. Their journey toward that future will be affected by several major life factors and events. Help guide your clients toward their goals with this helpful tool mapping various life stages, needs, and milestones they may encounter.

Effective Questioning

May 22, 2017

LPL Financial

Clients want more than an advisor who can generate investment returns; they want someone who can expertly orchestrate and protect the various financial components of their lives through each major event and change. Use these seven tips for effective questioning to get more out of your annual meetings, build trust, and serve your clients.

Planning for the Future

May 29, 2017

LPL Financial

Take control of the clock—make the most of the time you have available by developing repeatable workflows for practice management. Creating a standardized process for financial planning and service can help you save time and focus more on the activities that drive value for your practice and clients.

Attract Clients of All Ages

July 05, 2018

LPL Financial

Millennials, generation X and baby boomers present their own unique preferences and challenges to advisors. These generations do share a few things in common, as each is comfortable with technology and social media while desiring to be treated as an individual. However, there are significant differences that must be taken into account.

Improve Your Market Value

June 05, 2017

LPL Financial

You never want to sell yourself, or your book of business, short. To better prepare for selling your book and to improve its potential market value, it would be prudent to learn the three key factors LPL’s Business Valuations team consider when assessing an advisor’s book. Making a few simple changes to your book could significantly increase its attractiveness and value.

Growing Big by Thinking Small

July 05, 2018

LPL Financial

LPL Financial has consistently maintained its guiding principles in support of individual advisors, their aspirations, independence and client needs. It has grown by thinking small—never forgetting that its business centers on building individual relationships, rather than catering to groups or collectives.

5 Ways to Pull in Prospects

November 16, 2017

LPL Financial

Just as the financial advice industry has evolved through technology and changing demographics, so has prospecting for clients. LPL Financial can support your efforts with technology, consulting, and content that will save you time and help communicate your value. Learn new methods that can make prospecting more effective and efficient.

3 Steps to Show Value

April 24, 2018

LPL Financial

Many advisors think investment management is their primary value, but some prospects may be looking for something else: someone they can trust, who understands their unique circumstances, and who is focused on their goals. Learn the three simple steps you can take to demonstrate to today’s investors that you offer the value they seek.

6 Step Advisor Marketing Plan

November 09, 2017

LPL Financial

Creating or refreshing a marketing plan can help you hone and reach your business goals. LPL Financial can help by providing consulting, automation, content, and other services and tools that save you time. Expand your reach with a new marketing plan and better communicate your brand and your value to prospective clients.

Structuring the Deal

June 12, 2017

LPL Financial

If you’re looking to sell your practice, or if you’re potentially in the market to buy one, be prepared to do your research, engage in long-term planning, and rely on a lot of patience. Set yourself up for potential success by familiarizing yourself with these common methods to transition the ownership of practice or book of business.

Exceeding Client Expectations

December 15, 2017

LPL Financial

As consumers demand more from their financial advisors, how do you grow your business while still offering personalized client service? The right approach, resources and service model can allow you to cater to individual investor needs and creating an exceptional client experience.

8 Strategies for Client Referrals

February 08, 2018

LPL Financial

To build a quality referral pipeline, start with a clear value proposition that outlines the clients you serve and the solutions and benefits you offer them. Share it with your best clients so they understand your approach. Profile your ideal prospects and target specific individuals. Insist on an introduction and thank your sources.

Broker/Dealer Masterclass

July 05, 2018

New regulations, disruptive technology, consolidation trends and changing demographics have drastically shifted the financial services industry. How are these changes affecting financial advisors? Leading experts weigh-in on why the demand for advice is "booming" and how advisors can harness change as an opportunity for growth.

Year of the Independent Advisor

January 16, 2018

LPL Financial

With an environment of growing opportunity in investor attitudes, the tools available to establish and run your business, and the urgency created by firms leaving Broker Protocol, we’re calling it: 2018 is the year of the independent advisor.

Case Study: BMG Advisors

December 14, 2018

LPL Financial

Independent Financial Advisors Make a Move to Increase Client Offerings